Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Daylight Savings Time

"Spring Forward, Fall Back". I have absolutely no problem remembering the mnemonic, but my brain treats that simple statement like someone asking it to divide by zero. After 10 minutes of trying to logic "so I turn the clock forward an hour, so it's actually 2AM when the clock says it's 3AM...", I just give up and ask my wife "so, do I get to sleep in?"

But I think my brain is on to something here. Daylight Savings Time is probably the clearest example of how something we take as an absolute certainty - current time showing on the clock - is just a human convention and construct that, well, we just kinda made up. We insert an extra day here, and an extra second there, and add an hour here and remove an hour there just to keep it limping along.

And as far as DST goes... it's not like 4 year olds get the memo that they get to sleep in on certain special days. They'll wake up at the exact same time (body time, mind you) and jump on the bed until we're up, even on the "good" DST days when you're supposed to get to sleep in. Shucks.

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