Friday, March 1, 2019

Grown up

Simon and I were at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk this weekend - Simon's right at 42 inches, standing straight with just a right puff of hair, so I figured this weekend is the time to go for it. We managed to get on one 42 inch ride, but we were sadly turned around at the second one. I had completely forgotten about the exquisite longing to grow up, to be one of the big kids, to get to go on bigger rides and to the next grade... and all of those feelings came rushing back. I guess completely forgetting about that is basically the essence of being an actual grown up.

Not that being a little kid is all that bad a deal - we then went on the Rock-O-Plane, which is this sketchy and squeaky carnival ride. I asked Simon if he wanted to go upside down, to which he said yes!... then it hit me, of course he's fine being upside down! At just under 42 inches, he's still small enough for me to easily swing him around - it's only the grown ups that need a sketchy and squeaky carnival ride to put them upside down.

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