Friday, March 1, 2019


I've been thinking about resiliency lately, with the winter storms knocking down power, phone, and cable lines. Not that it affects me directly, but reading my neighbhours kvetching makes me wonder if coming climate change led infrastructure disasters will have an unintended side effect of dividing urban/suburban/rural folks even more then they already are due to disparate effects they'll have on different parts of the society.

Efficiency is driving pretty much everything towards centralization, and there's going to be a point at which increased robustness will have diminishing returns... and I wonder if we're already passed that point, not in the areas we think & worry about (availability zones! multi-master replication! lamdas!) but areas that we absolutely rely on, and take completely for granted, like the PGE guy in a bucket truck splicing a wire out in the rain.

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